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A Ton Of Characters Finally Reunited On ‘Game Of Thrones’

Image from HBO


Over the past four seasons of “Game of Thrones,” a majority of the characters hardly, if ever, crossed paths, but Season 5 is already shaking that up.

We know Tyrion is on his way to meet Daenerys, but Sunday night’s episode, “The House of Black and White,” featured three major reunions between eight characters across the Seven Kingdoms. The episode also took us to Braavos and Dorne, introducing us to a few new faces.

Spoiler alert for Season 5, Episode 2, “The House of Black and White”

Brienne and Sansa reunite
Who knew that out of all of the pubs in Westeros, Brienne would be sitting in the same one as Sansa and Littlefinger. The two haven’t been in the same place since Joffrey’s wedding and it’s clear Sansa has grown up a lot since.

Brienne continues to kick major ass
Gwendoline Christie said it herself: Brienne is a total badass. This episode proved it further when she took on the Vale guards single-handedly.

Welcome to Dorne!
Finally, the beautiful, sunbaked kingdom is revealed! “GoT” took us south to Dorne on Sunday, introducing us to Oberyn’s brother, Doran Martell. Ellaria Sand is back (with a shorter haircut) and upset with Doran for not seeking vengeance for Oberyn’s death. We also briefly caught up with Myrcella Baratheon (who was recast) as she strolled the gardens with Doran’s son Trystane, whom she’s expected to marry. But will it happen? Jaime is on his way to Dorne with Bronn to get his niece daughter back.


Arya and Jaqen reunite
All men must die, or all men must learn how to slice off a pigeon’s head in a flash? Both, if you’re Arya Stark. After wandering the streets of Braavos, the mysterious older black man from the House of Black and White re-emerges to reveal himself as Jaqen H’ghar. And now her training begins!

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Jon Snow becomes Lord Commander
Ladies and gentleman of the realm, meet the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. Jon Snow turned down Stannis’ offer to become a legitimate Stark because he’s a man of his word — but really he just knows nothing. Sam then nominated Jon for Lord Commander and he won by one vote.

Dany seriously pisses off Meereen
It’s hard to blame Dany — she tries her best to carry out justice, but she forgets she’s living in an unjust world that thrives on bloodshed. Mossador, whom we met last week, stood up for his queen by killing one of the rebel Harpies when she instead wanted to give him a fair trial. She responded by having Mossador killed in front of all of Meereen, which was clearly a very bad call.

Dany and Drogon reunite
But Dany was quickly cheered up when one of her babies dropped in for a quick hello. Drogon is practically just a big, cuddly cat that happens to breathe fire.

Cersei takes charge
Cersei likes abusing power as much as Tyrion likes wine, and she certainly takes full advantage of Tommen’s naïveté this episode when she begins ordering around the small council. But can that last long?

Image from HBO

Image from HBO


Game of Thrones season five: Characters to cross paths for the first time

The following story comes from :

IN GAME of Thrones’ fifth season, characters who were previously in completely different parts of the world will meet each other for the first time.

That information comes courtesy of Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy. Speaking to Digital Trends, Allen also hinted at the future of his own character.

“I can tell you that there will be characters crossing paths and interacting — especially in my storyline — who have never met, or have had just minute amounts of screentime together,” he said.

“The running theme of season five is that you get so many different characters who were in different parts of the world crossing paths with each other.”

Allen might have revealed something about Tyrion’s fate. Source: Supplied

Allen might have revealed something about Tyrion’s fate. Source: Supplied

So, who will be meeting whom? We can make educated guesses. For instance, at the end of season four, Tyrion hopped onto a ship, which was presumably heading across the Narrow Sea. A teaser for the next season showed him in conversation with Varys:

Varys: “The Seven Kingdoms need a ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army and the right family name.”
Tyrion: “Good luck finding him.”
Varys: “Who said anything about him?”

The strong suggestion here is that Tyrion’s path will intersect with that of Daenerys, who happens to be the only female candidate for the Iron Throne.

Allen specifically mentioned his own story arc, though. We’ve already seen Stannis show up to save Jon’s skin at The Wall. Perhaps he’ll head south and run into Theon.

Theon with his new best friend. Source: Supplied

Theon with his new best friend. Source: Supplied

Of course, it must be said that Theon isn’t really Theon anymore. Instead, he’s a mindless, castrated slave called Reek. But is there a way back for him?

“Theon may be returning at some point,” Allen said. “For me, the real start of it is when he finds out about Robb Stark’s death. There’s a part of his brain that’s been inactive that maybe gets reactivated by the news.

“It was intense doing that scene.”

Hopefully, if Theon returns to sanity, he’ll be less of a bastard. Source: Supplied

Hopefully, if Theon returns to sanity, he’ll be less of a bastard. Source: Supplied

But can Theon ever really be Theon without his “favourite toy”?

“I was speaking to David and Dan about that part of his anatomy being lost, and how appropriate and relevant that was to the character of Theon,” Allen said.

“It’s a big part of his identity, you know? Before that, he had an identity crisis — wanting to be loyal to the Greyjoys, and also wanting to do the deed that Robb Stark wanted him to do. But he was quickly turned by his family.

“So his only point of authority, really, was in the bedroom. He does start trying to make his own decisions, but he messes up.
“Now he’s being punished for his sins, strapped to the cross.”

Fun times.

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