As I watched the series, and as I read the books, I started questioning more and more who Jon Snow was. The mystery of his mother seemed important and, as I got to know Ned Stark a little better, I doubted more and more that he would betray his role as husband.

I came up with the idea that Jon Snow might be the son of Ned’s sister Lyanna to Robert, and that Robert did not know that he had impregnated her and had a bastard to the woman he was due to marry. The tricky bit was trying to work out why Lyanna had convinced Ned not to tell Robert.

Was it just to protect her reputation and virtue?

I hoped it would become apparent as the story progressed.

I have since discovered, however, that there is an even better theory, where pieces really seem to fit together well to hint that it may be true.

Here it is:



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