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Game of Thrones season five: Characters to cross paths for the first time

The following story comes from :

IN GAME of Thrones’ fifth season, characters who were previously in completely different parts of the world will meet each other for the first time.

That information comes courtesy of Alfie Allen, who plays Theon Greyjoy. Speaking to Digital Trends, Allen also hinted at the future of his own character.

“I can tell you that there will be characters crossing paths and interacting — especially in my storyline — who have never met, or have had just minute amounts of screentime together,” he said.

“The running theme of season five is that you get so many different characters who were in different parts of the world crossing paths with each other.”

Allen might have revealed something about Tyrion’s fate. Source: Supplied

Allen might have revealed something about Tyrion’s fate. Source: Supplied

So, who will be meeting whom? We can make educated guesses. For instance, at the end of season four, Tyrion hopped onto a ship, which was presumably heading across the Narrow Sea. A teaser for the next season showed him in conversation with Varys:

Varys: “The Seven Kingdoms need a ruler loved by millions, with a powerful army and the right family name.”
Tyrion: “Good luck finding him.”
Varys: “Who said anything about him?”

The strong suggestion here is that Tyrion’s path will intersect with that of Daenerys, who happens to be the only female candidate for the Iron Throne.

Allen specifically mentioned his own story arc, though. We’ve already seen Stannis show up to save Jon’s skin at The Wall. Perhaps he’ll head south and run into Theon.

Theon with his new best friend. Source: Supplied

Theon with his new best friend. Source: Supplied

Of course, it must be said that Theon isn’t really Theon anymore. Instead, he’s a mindless, castrated slave called Reek. But is there a way back for him?

“Theon may be returning at some point,” Allen said. “For me, the real start of it is when he finds out about Robb Stark’s death. There’s a part of his brain that’s been inactive that maybe gets reactivated by the news.

“It was intense doing that scene.”

Hopefully, if Theon returns to sanity, he’ll be less of a bastard. Source: Supplied

Hopefully, if Theon returns to sanity, he’ll be less of a bastard. Source: Supplied

But can Theon ever really be Theon without his “favourite toy”?

“I was speaking to David and Dan about that part of his anatomy being lost, and how appropriate and relevant that was to the character of Theon,” Allen said.

“It’s a big part of his identity, you know? Before that, he had an identity crisis — wanting to be loyal to the Greyjoys, and also wanting to do the deed that Robb Stark wanted him to do. But he was quickly turned by his family.

“So his only point of authority, really, was in the bedroom. He does start trying to make his own decisions, but he messes up.
“Now he’s being punished for his sins, strapped to the cross.”

Fun times.

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Game of Thrones Version of Uptown Funk

There are certainly some talents amongst the Game of Thrones fan base. I have previously posted several awesome drawings on the Game of Thrones Fanpage on Facebook that have been popular.

Here is someone’s homemade video clip. It’s a cover of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, set in the land of Game of Thrones. It took me about a minute to get into it, but then I was hooked.

I bet they had fun making this, particularly in the editing room.

Enjoy some entertainment:

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Ooooh, Another Controversial Theory!

I love that so many fans have put so much thought into the theories of interrelationships of the characters of a Song of Ice and Fire. I have certainly pondered the origins of Jon Snow.

Have you considered that Tyrion might not actually be Tywin’s son? I honestly didn’t, but this is an interesting theory nonetheless, and I love a good theory.

If you missed the theory video about Jon Snow’s origin, you can catch up here: Who’s Jon Snow’s Mother?

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Is It Still All About the Iron Throne?

We have to remember, the series of books is actually called A Song of Ice and Fire. The Game of Thrones title actually only refers to book 1, so it may come as no surprise that character interests are diverging.

This video provides an account of who doesn’t give a hoot about the Iron Throne anymore. There’s a few good character break downs in this, kind of like a school movie review only cooler. The guy in the video is also kind of cool in a geeky way, and he has giveaways if you subscribe to his channel 🙂

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“Honest” Trailer of GOT, Series 1 – 3

An “Honest Trailer” of GOT, series 1 – 3. I know it’s old, but it’s AWESOME !! Lol

Anyway, while we are waiting for season 5 to get underway, there is nothing wrong with some reminders of how far we have come so far.

I, for one, am tempted to do another Game of Thrones marathon to make sure I am up to date and haven’t forgotten anything important!

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Amanda Peet Gets It Wrong!

I am so glad that David Benioff, co-creator of Game Of Thrones, didn’t listen to his wife, Amanda Peet. She was wrong, wrong, wrong!

In my experience, husbands seem to be able to filter out wives’ voices very efficiently. In this particular case it was a good thing because David Benioff is one of the people we have to thank for bringing Game of Thrones to the screen for us to enjoy.

And for those who didn’t even know about the Song of Fire and Ice series, there’s now heaps of reading to catch up on!

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The Mountain is Strong!

I found the following interesting piece about the Mountain, from Game of Thrones. Or, as I like to think of him, as the only guy that the Hound is actually scared of.

This guy is HUGE and STRONG, as Uproxx reports:

Terrifying mobile sculpture Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, better known as the Mountain from Game of Thrones, best known as TV’s most famous eye-squisher, won Europe’s Strongest Man Contest in 2014. But he’s also the strongest man…in a millennium. During this weekend’s World’s Strongest Viking competition, Björnsson “[broke] a record that has been part of history for 1,000 years,” for as they foretold in the ancient scrolls, I KILLED THE RECORD. I SMASHED ITS HEAD IN.

“The record has been described in the Icelandic Sagas,” said Ilkka Kinnunen who reported on the event for Iron Mind. “The legend of the Icelander Ormur Stórólfsson goes that he walked three steps with a monster wooden log which weighed over 650 kg and was 10 m long. It took 50 mere mortals to help him place it on his back. After he took his third step, his back broke under the enormous pressure and he was never the same after that.” (Via)

The man they call Thor carried the same monster log for five steps. Björnsson will next compete in World’s Strongest Man, so good luck, mere mortals foolish enough to challenge this guy.

Here is the amazing video of the feat (and I’m glad to see the safety features in place):

The legend of the Icelander Orm Storulfsson says that he walked three steps with this MONSTER WOODEN LOG which weighs over 600kg’s/1320lbs! It took 50 mere mortals to help him placing it on his back! After he took his third step his back broke under the enormous pressure and he was never the same after that! Well today my friends I made history!! As well as winning the title of The World’s Strongest Viking for the second time in a row I carried this MONSTER LOG 5 steps! My back held up fine!! As I’m on my way to my ultimate goal to win The World’s Strongest Man! NOTHING CAN STOP ME!! NOTHING CAN BREAK ME!!

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Maisie Williams on Vine

Maisie Williams has a growing online presence and a growing group of (mostly) young fans.

Here’s a collection of Maisie having fun, being silly, and being real.

(And if there are any of you who are as behind the times as me, and don’t know what vining is, don’t worry. I had to google it. Sad but true. I am not a teenager and obviously need someone to help me be cool :/ )

Enjoy 🙂

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20 Awesomely Weird Facts About the Game of Thrones Cast

Don’t you love the fact that actors are, well, actors? When you see them in an awesome role, and fall in love with them as that character, it can be disconcerting, or just plain hilarious, to see them in other roles.

Especially if those roles are poles apart.

We start this video with Lord Tywin in a stretchy mini skirt, but the laughs don’t stop there.

Can you imagine Bronn doing doo-wop?

Which significant character is played by an actor with a background as in porn?

Robert Baratheon going full monty?

Stars related to Charlie Chaplin? Charles Dickens?

You HAVE to watch this video!!

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